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Osbert The Avenger and The Woebegone Twins are available in all good bookshops and also on CD and audio download.

And coming soon in October The Lily-Livered Prince, book three in the Tales From Schwartzgarten series!



Stay glued to this page for more information! But if you just can’t wait there’s a teaser chapter coming soon…

  1. Really enjoyed reading ‘Osbert the Avenger’. Is there a sequel coming soon?

    1. Sorry for the slow reply – but yes, The Woebegone Twins is out now. Book Three, The Lily-Livered Prince, is out in October. Delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading Osbert The Avenger.

  2. A very scary book, especially for teachers… I think I would go the apple strudel way!

    1. Apple strudel every time!

  3. why did you start writing books?

    1. Hi Tariro – many thanks for your question. When I was a child I spent 9 weeks in hospital after falling off my bike and breaking my leg. There was a nurse who used to spend ages telling me strange and gruesome stories – and I loved them. So I think I write the kind of stories that I would have enjoyed when I was that gruesome child!

  4. Hello,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed Osbert the avenger and felt attached to Osbert’s and Isabella’s relationship.It was so amazing.but what a cruel ending for Osbert. The build up was amazing and when Isabella started laughing cruelly at Osbert it was as a dagger had reached from the book and stabbed my heart.all the teachers with gruesome endings gave me a shock but a laugh.It would be good if you could write another book about Osbert when he is older and is married to Isabella and tells his children about his Schwartzgarten slayings.

    yours faithfully,
    Charlie David Hills

    1. Hi Charlie – thanks for your brilliant message. I love the idea of Osbert telling his children dark tales of the Schwartzgarten Slayings – I wonder what their reaction would be? Hope you enjoy the next books in the series!

      1. Thank you I will

  5. hello,again1
    where will i be able to get a singed copy of Osbert the avenger
    if i cannot will you be at any book signings soon!
    and PS thanks for your great message
    Thank you
    yours sincerely,
    Charlie David Hills

    1. Hi again Charlie – sorry for the slow reply. If you could let me know the address of your nearest bookshop maybe we might be able to arrange for them to hang on to a signed copy for you.

  6. My daughter (Venice) and I met you in Hay, where you signed a book for her. She was the little blond girl pestering you all the way through your talk. Since then we’ve got half way through ‘Osbert’ and have loved every minute of it. I have also bought several copies as presents for her friends. We often have guest authors come to her school. I wondered if you would come and talk to them all about writing, ideas and imagination next school year (from September)? ‘Osbert’ is wonderful. Alex

    1. Hi Alex – delighted to hear that you and Venice have been enjoying Osbert. I hope Venice doesn’t get too many sinister ideas! What a lovely mum going off and buying books for your daughter’s friends – I should give you my address so you can send me gifts by return of post (I’m particularly fond of chocolates)! I would love to visit the school in the autumn – it’s just before the release of Book Three ‘The Lily-Livered Prince’ actually, so good timing. If you contact Lizz.Skelly@hachettechildrens.co.uk she will be able to arrange this. All the best, Christopher.

      1. Super – we will expect you in school at 8.45am sharp Autumn and if you’re very lucky and well behaved you may get some chocolates – I will consult with Venice on this matter however, so I don’t know how it will go for you – he he! Thank you for agreeing to come in
        – the kids and teachers at Cavendish will love your books I’m sure. Wishing you every success with ‘The Lily-Livered Prince’ which given the pedigree of your other books undoubtedly will do very well. Alex and Venice

  7. Dear Mr Christopher William Hill, My name is Ian, I’m 10 and I love your books. I am Scottish.
    I really enjoyed reading Osbert. It’s one of my favourite books. I just wanted to read on and on. I liked that it’s gory but not too gory. I was also glad Osbert was able to escape from jail but it was sad that Isabella was so nasty towards Osbert in the end, especially as he loved her so much. I .definitely want another Osbert book to continue the story
    Now I’m reading the Woebegone Twins. I got it for Christmas from my big brother. I’m about two thirds of the way through it and I can’t wait to go to my bed to find out if the twins get away from Olga Van Veenen and what’s happened to Morbide.
    I can’t wait to read the Lily-Livered Prince.
    I think I want to go to Schwartzgarten for my holidays but my mum thinks it’ll be too scary.
    Please keep writing such good books. Will you come to the Edinburgh Book Festival this year please? I think I want to come to see you.

    From Ian

    1. Hi Ian – thanks so much for your message. Delighted to hear that you’ve been enjoying my ‘Tales From Schwartzgarten’ books. I do agree with your mum though – it’s probably not the best place to go on holiday (unless you travel everywhere with a bodyguard or two!). Unfortunately I won’t be in Edinburgh this summer – I was there last year, so hopefully next year I might be up again (if they’ll have me). Actually, I’ve got an idea for a book I’d like to set in Edinburgh… Hope you enjoy the rest of ‘The Woebegone Twins’. If I was you, I wouldn’t trust that Olga Van Veenen an inch! All the best, Christopher

  8. Hey Christopher
    I first saw u at the book festival and my class started reading one of ur books, The Woebegone Twins. We never finished it though but I liked the start of the book. I bought Osbert the Avenger and read it in one day. My family said I didn’t say a word until it was finished. I then read the Woebegone Twins and it was even better. I would like there to be a sequel to Osbert the Avenger when he wants to murder everyone in the Myop family. I am about to read the Lily Livered Prince and I am sure it will be the best. Thanks for opening my eyes to your books, Oliver

    1. Hi Oliver – I hope you will forgive me for taking such a long time to reply to your kind message. So pleased that you enjoyed Osbert the Avenger and read it in a single day – surely some kind of record! I would love to write a sequel to Osbert – I do have some ideas (they would involve the Myop family – and yes, they might well be murderous!). Have you finished The Lily-Livered Prince yet? Do let me know how you get on with it. Gutterfink is one of my favourite characters in the series – but never trust him with a cat (especially a plump, delicious-looking cat!). With all best wishes, Christopher

  9. HI Christopher William Hill

    im Rowan and i am 10
    i go to a school in belgium and we have a book week every two years and we are having one next school year
    every year authors and poets come to visit the school
    is there a chance you could come?
    i loved Osbert the avenger
    and the Woebegone twins


    1. Hi Rowan – great to hear from you. I’m delighted to read that you’ve enjoyed Osbert The Avenger and The Woebegone Twins. Have you been reading the books in French or in English? I would love to visit your school – just ask one of your teachers to invite me! With very best wishes, Christopher

      1. thanks christopher ill ask my school librarian
        to invite you and i read the books in english

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