What Is Instore for Blockchain In 2018?

What Is Instore for Blockchain In 2018?

After 6 years is when most people in the world now realized how beneficial and useful the blockchain technology can be when it is applied to a business. What awoked individuals to blockchain’s potential is the reality of the current astronomical performance of Bitcoin.

An increasing number of companies in a wide range of industries are becoming optimistic about the endless possibilities blockchain can offer. For instance, in the initial half of the year only, some blockchain-based startups managed to raise $240.

Applications to businesses

As more business start to embrace this innovative and revolutionary technology, next year we should expect phenomenon things. Businesses will become confident on the beneficial effects of blockchain on any record-keeping or transaction system.

By the year 2020, blockchain applications will be installed in more than 20% of all health organization. HR professionals will verify applicants’ application and credentials efficiently through the use of blockchain CVs.

Watchout for innovations

After the internet, blockchain could be the second digital revolution according to Blockchain Research institute predictions.

Next year perhaps, internet and blockchain could commence a relationship that is mutually beneficial making all the connected device to benefit from the high-security level that fends off cyber-attacks.

Governments or large corporations could start realizing the efficient perspective of the blockchain decentralized nature.

Before companies put all their resources on the blockchain basket, they should remember that blockchain technology may not solve problems for every business.