CrytoKitties Enormously Slows Ethereum Network

CrytoKitties Enormously Slows Ethereum Network

Network congestions are making users to become skeptical of Ethereum’s ability to overtake Bitcoin as the popular currency. CryptoKitties popularity continues to negatively affect the Ethereum by burning up to 20% of the gas.

One of the major gas guzzler, EtherDelta, has exhibited how a decentralized app with a large number of users can seriously hamper Ethereum’s range. It caused a massive withdrawal of investments from Eth into BTC instigating a massive decline of about $100.

CyptoKitties congestion menace

The popular app allows users to breed, exchange or trade tokens inform of virtual cats to generate more e-pets. Users can increase gas amounts to ensure timely happening of a transaction, whether a breeding or sale. Users are usually warned to check out on gas amounts by the CryptoKitties to avoid high gas prices which may fail a transaction.

CryptoKitties presence is continually hampering the activity of hundreds of ICOs using the Ethereum network. Such conveniences may make dapps not to match the cryptographic computations that various centralized applications and corporate software require.

The congestion caused SophiaTX, a company that planned to develop a business-to-business use blockchain platform, to postpone its ICO from holding it on Dec 7.

Future expectations

ETH had hopes that it would use the unique Kitties concept to secure marriage certificates, real estate transactions or any other contract that currently relies upon a centralized approval system.