Crypto ATMs Are Set For Mainstream Use

Crypto ATMs Are Set For Mainstream Use

Unimaginable level of public interest has been drawn towards the cryptocurrency industry over the past year. Governments, businesses, and banks have shown unprecedented positive interest towards various altcoins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which they earlier linked to black market dealings.

Even though many businesses are craving for cryptocurrencies, the biggest problem is that newcomers are finding it difficult when managing security and using exchanges.

To cheapen and ease transactions, Cointed has introduced crypto ATMs for convenience and efficiency in accessing funds.

ATM drawbacks

Unlike conventional ATMs, cryptocurrency ATMs have several issues that pound it. One company usually manufactures the ATMs while another maintains the software and the exchanges taking place. Such a scenario creates ATMs support and upkeep difficulty as well as huge transaction fees thereby making them less efficient.

Better option

Hopefully, Cointed has veered away from such an analogy to come up with a new model where it both manufactures and provides the ATM. In Austria where it has developed and deployed ATMs, Cointed’s lower fees of 1 to 4.5% for bitcoin transaction that are half other offerings that charge between 4-8% are its major selling point.

While it offers high transaction limits, the options support many options like Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin. Cointed additionally sells advanced mining equipment, provide debit cards for using the cryptocurrencies and tokens just like other crypto ecosystems.

Cointed has proven that instead of using standalone software and devices, problems of crypto can be solved using a complete ecosystem.